Shane Goudreau is a Canadian  artist whose works have been exhibited across the country.  A self-taught painter for as long as he can remember, Shane has worked as a professional muralist for many years while maintaining a part-time fine art practice. In 2006 , he decided to devote himself full-time to the pursuit of his passion, painting.

Shane works in multimedia depending on the project: primarily airbrush and hand-painted acrylic. The contrast between the two mediums is significant yet he has created a  harmony when they are combined in the same piece. His purely acrylic landscapes and commissioned portraits  emphasize detail, control and patience, while the essence of his multi-technique works on textile lie in broader strokes and a monochromatic yet vibrant  acid-etched colour. As different as these approaches to his art are, Shane brings the spirit of the subject to life. For the past decade Shane has been refining these techniques and testing the boundaries of new materials to ensure that his work remains fresh and invested with a sense of wonder and fantasy.